Piece of the Wind

Custom Wood Carving by Steve R Pancoast

-To Inspire Your Heirloom Story -

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Portland, Oregon

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Steve is a Master Woodcarver/ Woodworker

working in the disappearing style & spirit of Old World Craftsmanship.

New Age techniques are now available to Piece of the Wind  & used when appropriate.

However, Piece of the Wind excels in individual custom needs when the only logical or desirable path is accomplished

by hand & human spirit.

- by Commission -

Furniture & Components/ Architectural/ Embellishments

  1. -- Custom Design - Heirloom Quality -

  2. -To Your  Needs & Satisfaction

Excerpt from the Oregonian @ The 2004 Street of Dreams- Portland, OR
During an Interview with Interior Designer Evelyn Green

“Steve is one of the most passionate human beings I have ever met. He’s an artist in the true form.                                His passion extends far beyond his ability to carve. His ability to transfer your dreams into reality                 are unbelievable”
REF: The Oregonian 8/8/2004 Interview with Interior Designer Evelyn Green
Evelyn is an award winning Interior Designer since 1972, Instructor & a Lifetime Member of NWSID. 

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